By way of Oklahoma’s Lackpro Records came a CD to me from the Brother Gruesome, and the 5 song EP called Mutually Assured Destruction. It was released in 2013, that doesn’t mean it has an expiry date and seeing as it’s been stuck in my CD Changer, I thought I’d tell you about it. It’s a two piece band, Levi and Todd, one on drums and one on guitar, in a low-fi kick in the nuts that I miss oh, so, so much. At least, it reminds me of the green river grunge days the first time around in the late 80s in the ultimate rebellion against the cock-rock of the day. Brother Gruesome is no different in that regard, though one can argue what mainstream thing they are pushing back on, I’ll save my opinions to myself (there’s tons I hate on mainstream radio right now).


If you’re looking for a live-off-the-floor diamond in the rough stoner rock, check this band out. It’s not to say the music is not carefully crafted, or hit record and ‘see what happens’, but there is a lot of hit record and ‘here we go’. From Ex oh Ex and More Celebrities, it takes me to that underground bar I used to go to in Kingston in my college years, with a cramped stage and sweaty atmosphere. The beer was warmish but we went for the music, that raw edge that just wasn’t anywhere else. Check out Five Am, or the even more hypnotic Needles, to round off a musical intermission to your daily grind as it walks the line between stoner sludge rock and classic grunge. Very high voltage, unapologetic, and face punching, the music lets you catch your breath with melodic colours that allow the vocals to sit on top while it watches the mosh pit evolving in your living room.

And oh shit, they have it on vinyl…

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