We started this thing in a basement back on a cold, wintry February 29th, five plus years ago, and what a journey it has been.  We set an objective to get as much indie music from around the world, and that we did…some of the most amazing, talented stuff I’ve heard in forever.  We have amassed a large library, enough to stop filling the holes with commercial music from labels, which has been incredible.  Mind you there are some we’ve held on to, near and dear to our ears 🙂

We’ve had an army of interns come and go.

We’ve moved our office and studio three times.

We’ve rebuilt the servers four times, and gone through three computers.

We’ve also watched some of our competitors, copying some of our features, drop like flies.  Not to sound gloatingly victorious, but some I have kept on my TuneIn app on my PS3 to hear the message ‘they’re aren’t streaming anymore’.  Yeah, I know…but things have gotten tough over the past 3 years, and our avenues have started to dry up, so the epitaph of a competitor gone by is a reminder that we could be next.  Windows radio died, and the rebirth was Groove.  Apple Radio got weird and protective (Make Apple Great Again??) and booted us off too.  So either we should be dead too, or I’m just too stupid to let it die.  Or, I like to think we can be survive and be a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Either way, to keep my sanity, I’ve decided to keep this journal of the progress back to the top, and if you find it interesting, dear listener slash reader, I hope you come back often!

So for October gone past, I’ve gotten the studio intern to help me reformat our library with new codes, and there are still some bugs I have to work out (like my codes are great, the problem is I have more music from some artists then others, which drives some strange repeats.  I’ll work on that.  Plus one of our major music aggregators has dropped us, or at least has stopped sending us submissions which sucks, I will have to find a new way to get the good word out there.

Till next time, stay real my friends,