Mechanic’s Car

Have you noticed…as a creative (well, I call myself that very loosely) that you are the worst person to showcase your stuff, even though your job is to showcase the stuff of others? I’m sure I’m not saying anything you all don’t know…the old joke about the state of repair of a mechanic’s car, surely applies too to the royal Us in film and music. The part I struggle with is balancing the business of things with the actual muscle that goes into putting art together for others. I get so focused on time, budgets and people, I often forget to take a little time out for myself, to celebrate the small victories along the way. We’ve all been there, the shoot was to end at 11PM, and it’s 2AM, and your job as ‘set-dad’ is to keep everyone’s spirits up, even when you are dying on your feet. You hate it; I hate it…but after the fact, the burning eyes of that late night shoot seem to fade, and you have another small victory under your belt. Sure, you have to be considerate of the crew and cast you are directly trying to maneuver through a difficult way-past-your-bedtime-we-should-have-cut-you-loose-hours-ago (and NOT make those crazy late shoots your MO or Norm!)! However, when you have to, celebrate with a small victory lap…even it means updating your website with some pics and vids of that awesome shoot you had!